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Instructions for the blacksmith

Adaptor Modell 2009 (Nr. 1217)




In a small drilling machine you support from the drilling table so it can´t tilt itself while drilling.


Important: All work must be done by the hoof side at the horseshoe!



Drill a 13 mm hole from the hoof side at the horseshoe.


 Insert the adaptor in the hole, so that the sink shows to the bottom side and then push it in by hand.



 Take the spigot and strike the adaptor so with a hammer that the adaptor is flush with the horseshoe at the side that shows to the ground.

 Then take a pointed punch and use it with a hammer left and right. (Distance to the adaptor about 4mm / 1/4 inc.)


Important: Is it simply to pull the spigot out of the adaptor,  the adaptor is situated right!


Please note, when changing the horseshoe you have to hammer out the adaptor from the bottom side before heating the horseshoe. With this you can reuse the adaptor.